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Your Ultimate Guide to Feed Chicken for Health

Your Ultimate Guide to Feed Chicken for Health

Feed chicken may not be an easy thing. Many professionals confirm scientific ways to feed chicken always consider nutrition, ingredients and chicken’s conditions. Also, various companies realize amount of time and research to find out what exactly need your hens.

The quality of feed is associated directly with quality of eggs. If your hens are eating properly, you’ll not only obtain healthy hens, but also lots of eggs. On the other hand, if they get wrong feed, it’ll be a disaster for your hens’ health and eggs quality.

In this article, we’ll provide you a complete guide to help you choose the right chicken feed.

Basic Nutrients You Should Know

With an increasing demand for more affordable food sources, many people are turning to alternative proteins such as eggs. As part of this trend, there has been a recent influx in research into what types of nutrients should go into chicken feeds, because feed quality affect chicken’s health condition, which is related to eggs quality. To make sure your chicken get everything necessary without lacking anything crucial, you’ll want the perfect balance between calories from carbohydrates along with omega 3 fatty acids. You can find most common feed ingredients at any grocery store near you, but some may require additional searches online or else request them by phone call.

Change the Feed When Your Hens Start Laying

Once young hens start laying, they can switch to layer feed, which usually contains about 16% protein. Do not switch your hens to layer feed until they have started laying, as this can damage their kidneys.

From now on, laying feed will make up the bulk of your chickens’ diet.

Laying hen feed is low in protein (usually 16%) and usually does not contain as many vitamins. However, this can vary from brand to brand. Feed manufacturers work hard to make sure their feeds contain the right balance of calcium, protein and other important minerals and vitamins.

Fermented Feed


Fermented chicken feed is a great way to get the most out of your flock. Not only does it contain many beneficial enzymes and bacteria, but also keeps them happy with an increased amount vitamins A and E!

Meanwhile, fermenting feed reduces cost, as you will use less feed. The process for making this type of diet starts by soaking up some grains in order strain off any dirt or debris before adding water where they will stay hydrated while being exposed germs free soil bacteria which Microorganisms do all work together harmoniously on breaking down organic matter into nutrients available then digestion takes place inside their bodies.

Some chicken feed brands worth considering…

You should choose chicken feed according to their life stage and type to make sure they get enough nutrition and don’t suffer damage because of the wrong feed. There are some brands we usually use and worth considering.

Scratch and Peck Foods

You can’t go wrong with a Scratch and Peck Foods brand. They rank highly as both starter food for your flock or layer diet, providing all three ages’ needs in one tasty package! This includes wheat berries to help grow feathers strong enough withstand adverse conditions like cold weather; barley which provides energy when you need it most while keeping feather growth steady during warmer months of the year; peas so nutrient-rich they’re considered an excellent protein source even if not included among our finest meats. If you only have a small flock, you can pick up bulk chicken feed and don’t need to worry about waste.

Manna Pro

Manna Pro has a large variety of specialty foods for any scenario. They sell chick, grower and layer feeds as well Omega Egg Maker Supplement 16% pellets or crumbles with probiotics meat bird starter 22 percent protein grit oyster shell vitamin supplements even an “All Flock” blend that is perfect if you’re trying to feed your flock different types goldens girls senior hens food from one brand which would be tricky at best without this supplement!

Hiland Naturals

Hiland Naturals is the perfect choice for all chicken keepers, regardless of their experience level. Their Non-GMO Chicken Layer feed rates very highly on top lists and it’s free from herbicides or pesticides so you don’t need to worry about harmful chemicals entering your home! This formula contains premium ingredients like soybeans which provide high protein content while also being rich in calcium needed by layers during egg production cycles; corn provides additional energy supplies without harming gut bacteria levels.

Final Takeaways

There’re some points to take into consideration when you’re looking for a proper feed for your chicken. Also, if you still can’t decide how to select the right feed for your chicken, please check out our recommendation list.


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