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Must-Have Dog Water Bottles

Much like the myth that all dogs are natural-born swimmers, the rumour that dogs do not sweat is alive and well. Whilst this is technically untrue, it’s not founded on unreasonable grounds. Dogs do sweat, but their torso-based secretions are for divulging their identities to other doggos. It is only through their paw pads that they sweat to regulate temperature.

So, what’s a doggo to do when they’re exposed to higher temperatures? Because of their limited bodily scope for temperature regulation, they need to be more proactive about staying cool. And because domestic dogs are dependent on us, it’s our responsibility to bear these bodily limitations in mind. When a pooch starts to pant, for instance, that’s a surefire sign that you’ve got one hot dog on your hands.

While camping with dogs there are many ways to keep your dogs hydrated. (This is a top tip for humans, too!) If you’re heading out with a pupper or two, don’t just bring a drink bottle designed for humans. Bring a drink bottle designed with doggos in mind! Here’s a breakdown of some must-have dog water bottles.

Stylish Hound’s Travel Water Bottle with Slidable Bowl

Available in four different colours—aqua, baby blue, citrus, and pink—Stylish Hound’s Travel Water Bottles with Slideable Bowls are your ideal portable hydration stations. With a 300mL capacity, these bottles are made from BPA-free, 100 per cent recycled plastic. They’re also completely spillproof, thanks to their lockable feature.


Available in four different colours! Images: Stylish Hound

What makes these bottles so awesome? Well, they’re not really bottles. They’re doggy bowls that you can take anywhere! This not only separates them from human receptacles—skipping over all risk of cross-contamination—but they’re a whole lot easier for dogs to drink from. They prefer a horizontal orientation from which to lap rather than a vertical drinking alignment. For those of you torn between doggy water bottles and doggy travel bowls, Stylish Hound’s Travel Water Bottle with Slidable Bowl may just be the perfect solution.

Collapsible Travel Bowls

For all those camping with a doggo in tow, collapsible travel bowls can be a better option than drink bottles—or a great addition to your hound’s hydration supplies. Why double-dog down on receptacles? Well, great as dog drink bottles can be, dogs can’t actually access them without human intervention. If you’re headed to a home base away from home, it can pay to set up collapsible travel bowls once you arrive there. This set-up will leave dogs free to drink whenever they want, giving them their own autonomy on a literal platter.


Collapsible travel bowls are also easy to store. Once collapsed, they won’t take up any more bag space than a frisbee. There are many brands (and colours!) to choose from, but we recommend Pet Shield. Not only is the company Australian, but you can tailor your bowl to your own specifications. Have a big pupper? Choose the 1,000mL version. Got a small pupper? The 350mL version may be more your speed. Not unlike the Stylish Hound Travel Water Bottles, these receptacles are BPA-free and available in four different colours: red, pink, blue, or black. They’d make a great addition to any longer-term trip featuring your favourite furry pal.

Lixit Water Boy

If you thought Stylish Hound’s Travel Water Bottle blurred the lines between bottle and bowl, you need only take the Lixit Water Boy for a shake, rattle, and roll. These bad (water) boys have a 2.84L capacity—and, come to think of it, actually aren’t that bad, being made from BPA-free plastic. These receptacles are spill-proof and grant dogs their autonomy. They’re designed for camping or caravan trips, where a dog can drink when needed sans drips. The only human intervention required? Refilling—and, even then, it will only be when the 2.84L stores are running dry. Ideal for multiple dogs, you wouldn’t want to camp or caravan withone a Lixit Water Boy.

Drink it in

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of all dog water bottles on the market. There are other brands and designs available, but they’re ultimately variations on a theme. Some bottles are more bottle-like than others, and others strive to emulate bowls more—or find a compromise between the two. Different designs will fit different requirements. For example, the Lixit Water Boy may have a large capacity, but this makes it great for travel exclusively rather than daily walks. Moreover, travel bowls are easy to store, but they have zero storage capacity. Whether you’re looking for something to take travelling or something to take with you on walks, you’ll surely find something to fit your doggo’s hydration needs. Search the market, check what fits your checklist, and make your choice!


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