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Getting Your English Bulldog Toys: Importance of Exercise

Getting Your English Bulldog Toys: Importance of Exercise

English bulldogs come with gentle characters and grumpy, distinctive appearances. So, they will bring your home a significant level of happiness, warmth, and enjoyment.

Still, you know that they are lazy compared with other breeds. You should keep them active to prevent potential health conditions from happening.

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You should think about exercising them daily and getting the right amount of workout. Regular activity will prevent their genetic predispositions to specific health issues.

Reasons Why Exercise for English Bulldogs is Essential

You understand that every breed requires proper activity levels. This is especially important for English bulldogs to prevent laziness from taking its course.

The most common reasons why you should do it include:

  • Your English bulldog can improve knee and hip support with regular exercise, which is vital in the long run. They can quickly get elbow and hip dysplasia, which is the main reason why you should keep them active throughout their young and adult ages.
  • Regular exercise will reduce the chances of diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease.
  • It is an essential aspect of preventing obesity because it can lead to the conditions mentioned above.
  • Exercise allows them to release energy through chewing and running around. It is highly important for puppies and their development.

How Much Exercise is Enough?

This particular breed doesn’t require plenty of exercise than others. The main problem is their laziness because they are happy to chill out and avoid running or any activity. If you followed their course of action, they would avert walks altogether.

You should not follow this and try to make them go for a walk to prevent potential problems.

Minimally, you should take them out for at least two walk sessions for fifteen minutes each. This is not enough if you wish to keep a healthy canine for a long time. The best exercise approach is approximately one hour daily.

Exercise should be moderate or light cardio with a slight increase in heart rate so that your dog could keep moving. We are talking about activities that include playing, fetching, and brisk walking.

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Even though most people consider this breed lazy, this is not the case for every single dog. If you have an English bulldog with a desire to walk and run around, you may have to limit their workout to prevent overwhelming them afterward.

When it comes to puppies, things are entirely different because they enjoy playing around and have more energy than adult dogs. However, their exercise requirements are lower than adult dogs, which is something you should remember.

Since they develop at a young age, you should avoid putting too much strain on their legs. After they reach eight weeks of age, you should walk them ten minutes daily.

For the third month, the number should increase to fifteen minutes, and by the fourth month to twenty minutes. Finally, you should increase by ten minutes when they reach six-month and nine-month of age.

Each dog comes with a different personality and activity enjoyment. It means that if your puppy starts to tire sooner than mentioned above, you should not worry.

Even if they look overly tired after a walk, it is vital to remember that it won’t damage their overall musculature. However, a wrong workout or too much of it can lead to severe dangers.

Therefore, if you are an English bulldog owner, you should understand that they come with some health issues due to numerous reasons.

We recommend choosing the one with a confirmation from a professional breeder. That way, you can ensure its good health, structure, size, and shape to prevent future problems.

They have flat faces and noses, making their nostrils smaller due to the smallness in facial and muzzle bones.

Keep in mind that their air intake requires a particular effort, which is why they snore after a long walk or during hot summer days.

We recommend you to take care while exercising your canine friend, especially in cold and hot conditions. At the same time, you should keep playtime and walks to a minimum during extreme weather conditions such as harsh summer days.

Keep in mind that your friend won’t be as active during extreme conditions. That is why you should stop walking as soon as you notice heavy breathing and snoring.

The Best Types of Exercises

Similarly, as we have mentioned above, it is vital to understand that a short walk twice a day is a regular activity you should implement. Since they do not require plenty of workout as other breeds, you should keep it under an hour to enjoy calm and proper health.

Still, during the day, your bulldog may enjoy playing apart from walking and exercising. Therefore, you should use proper toys and throw a ball to run around with ease.

As a result, you should know that a few playtimes daily is a great way to interact with them and ensure the bond between you.

Some of them enjoy little paddling and being in the water, which you should determine before letting them do it. Steep walk, running or jogging with them is not suitable exercise, something you should remember.

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It can be highly overwhelming, which can affect its happiness and health. Therefore, if you have a lazy dog, you should consider playing with it at least once a day and conduct a quick walk.

However, it would be best to prevent it from being too lazy by walking each day in specific periods and implementing playtime. That is another essential aspect of keeping it active.

Having a dog means you should be aware of potential risks. That way, you can prevent them from happening by being proactive. On the other hand, if you neglect the issues, your canine friend will suffer due to numerous conditions that can happen.


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