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Ways To Assimilate A New Puppy Into Your Home With Your Other Dogs

It can be a challenge to bring a new puppy into your home, especially if you already have older dogs. It’s possible for many dogs, even those who have received residential dog training, to show aggression when a new dog is introduced to the group. Dogs are territorial animals, so they may resist a new pup that you bring into the mix.

Keeping that in mind, we are going to take a look at some ways to ensure an easier transition:

Set Up A Neutral Territory- if your older dogs are territorial, it’s important to define a neutral territory. It could be a perfect space to introduce the new puppy to your older dogs. It’s more likely for older dogs to respond favourably using this method.

Pay Attention To Older Dogs- make sure to protect the feeling of your dogs by giving them extra attention when introducing a new puppy. You can give older dogs favourite food, blankets, and toys. These items could distract dogs, minimising their aggression and territorial responses. By paying attention to older dogs, owners also ensure the well-being of the new puppy.

Maintain Monitoring- when introducing a new puppy, close supervision is required, whether the puppy is relaxing in the living room or playing with other dogs outside. Bigger dogs are much stronger and may potentially injure your new puppy. An older dog could occasionally show aggressive behaviour that may harm the puppy.

Socialise New Puppy Immediately- the sooner you socialise the puppy, the better. Dog owners can make things easier by familiarising the new puppy with friendly people and dogs. The new puppy will be more confident when interacting a new people or other dogs. Consider taking walks in public and putting the puppy in a residential dog training Sheffield training school.

Give Each Dog Personal Space- it’s important to assign special space for each dog. It’s much more likely for older dogs to become annoyed if they need to share their territory with a new puppy. Owners should invest in a separate bed, chew toys and feeding bowls for each dog.

Help Dogs To Bond- when allowing a new puppy and older dogs to interact, it is important to set a clear goal. The main purpose should be to help them to bond and establish long-term relationship.

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