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Pet Grave Marker, Cat Headstone

Pet Grave Marker, Cat Headstone

Essentials To Consider While Selecting An Ideal Pet Grave Marker

There are a lot of things to mull over while selecting an ideal pet grave marker. Initially, you should think about the size. If you opt to bury the ashes of your pet, then you will want to mull over the size of the resting place of the pet. If you secede to put the ashes of the pet in a pet memorial park, you may have a predetermined plot size that will state how big the headstone or memorial stone can be.

However, the sizes of the memorial stones are not always dependant on where the final resting place of the pet is. Either way, the standard breakdown for memorial stones for both dogs and cats vary as follows:

  • Small – Three to five inches
  • Medium – Five to eight inches
  • Large – Eight to eleven inches
  • Extra Large – Eleven to sixteen inches

If you are on the lookout for something more like a headstone or a grave marker, these can vary much larger and are not of necessity dependent on the size of the pet – but the amount of customization you are in search of.

You are supposed to even mull over the location of the stone. For instance, will you put the stone in the yard, garden, or somewhere else?

Pet Cemetery Graveyard - Free photo on Pixabay

If you make your mind up to put the stone in the garden or yard, you will want to mull over the design and material. I you would like something that will bear up the outdoor elements, you are supposed to opt for the stone that has been made using more durable materials, such as marble or granite.

If you would like something that will fit a certain area, then you are supposed to pick a stone that goes with the style of the area. For instance, it you would like a stone that will fit the garden, you may wish to select a stone that features garden-like elements.

If you would like to place an order for a premium quality customized cat headstone, check out the options available at petmemorialstones.com!


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