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Marketing Tips for Travel Agents

Marketing Tips for Travel Agents

1. Do you get hold of dozens of exquisite journey reductions in your fax uaeguide every day?

2. Do you email those offers to your database of customers?

Three. Do you’ve got an e mail database of your customers?

4. Do you acquire fantastic journey reductions from travel suppliers in your email? Do you skip those extraordinary deals onto your on-line patron database?

5. Do you positioned one or two of your travel coupons in the every day newspaper every month? Or have you made it clean to circle of relatives members, buddies or friends that they could journey free when they get a set of tourists together for a excursion or tour journey?

6. Do you put up your great travel deals on travel best categorized web websites? (loose)

7. Is your net site cope with in your enterprise cards and your vehicle? (Small letters at the pinnacle of your returned window) If you really want your net website to get greater hits at once, put your net cut price travel statement in ambitious letters at the aspect of your car!

Eight. Have you published a detailed and informative “About Us” for your internet website online alone with an image of your self and your office? And your Travel Agency Affiliations?

9. Is there a place on your web web site for human beings to join up to receive destiny travel discounts from you?

10. Have you in comparison some of your journey deals to Travelocity, Expedia or Orbitz? Can you beat some of their expenses? If so, you need to inform online internet suffers and you want to inform them often.

11. Have you set up a “Like Us” web page on Facebook?

12. Are you tweeting your bargain journey offers?

Thirteen. And the certainly big question, are you telling your story on LinkedIn? Social media is right here to stay. Be in which your ability clients are.


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