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Euthanasia Can Always Be a Painful Decision to Make

Euthanasia Can Always Be a Painful Decision to Make

While some pets may live till their old age and die comfortably in their own homes, many others become extremely ill, are damaged in some manner, or have a dramatically reduced quality of life after they get old. In such circumstances, you may think of having at home cat euthanasia NYC in order to save it from unnecessary suffering and pain.

Animals have always been and continue to be a significant part of our family lives. Dogs and cats, as well as monkeys, lions, falcons, and other animals, were kept as pets in ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptians showed their pets the same kind of affection that we show our dogs today: deep love.

Cats and dogs were the favorite pets of Egyptians, despite the fact that they kept exotic creatures as pets in ancient Egypt. Particularly dogs were treated as highly important members of the household and were also buried with their masters regularly.

This love, according to the ancient Egyptians, went beyond human life. The dogs may or may not die before their owner passes away. Evidence suggests that dogs were occasionally slaughtered after their owners died so that they might be mummified and also buried along with the master.

Even though the number of euthanized animals has been reducing since 1970. It has fallen from nearly 15 million to almost 1.5 million pet animals euthanized, according to the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), euthanasia of animals, particularly companion animals, is now becoming a source of public concern.

But, exactly, what does euthanasia imply? “The act of killing or enabling the death of any hopelessly sick or damaged creatures in a relatively much painless manner for motives of kindness,” according to the Merriam-Webster definition.

One could argue that by using this new word called ‘euthanasia’ rather than just killing, we are making ourselves feel better and doing an ethical and morally acceptable act. After all, this new word “euthanasia” also comes from the Greek word “EUTHANATOS,” which literally means “pleasant death.”

When You Must Go For Euthanasia?

Dutch doctor faces trial in landmark euthanasia case - BBC News

As your loving pet becomes too ill and the vet has also declared that nothing more can be done to improve his or her condition, then this is the last alternative you can think of so that your loving pet can have a peaceful and comfortable departure from this world.

You may ask your vet how much time will take for the final moment to come. All this info will be helpful for you to make a better plan for your loving pet animal. The Bronx also has started considering euthanasia for zoo animals these days. The following are a few signs that your pet is no longer leading a quality life:

  • Experiencing uncontrollable chronic pain
  • Frequently vomiting or diarrhea
  • Stopped eating
  • Incontinence, so frequently soils himself.
  • Lost interest in every favorite activity
  • Fail to stand or fall down while trying to walk.
  • Chronic labored breathing/coughing.

Once you have taken your final decision, you may call the relevant organization to do the needful and, in the meantime, you may make proper arrangements for proper cremation after the death.


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