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Cheapest Greek Islands to Buy Property

Cheapest Greek Islands to Buy Property

Greece has become a great spot for property investments in the last couple of years, and the islands have benefitted largely from this. The natural beauty, lovely climate, and great geographic position have created a perfect location for people to buy property. And because of the financial crisis that took place in Greece in 2010, there has been a great drop in the prices of property in most of the Greek islands. So, investors from all over the world now see Greece as a “hotspot” for property investment, and they are all rushing to benefit from the wide range of quality properties on sale at very affordable prices. These are some of the cheapest Greek islands where you can buy property.


Lovely, little Chios does not get nearly as much press as the bigger Greek islands, but it is definitely a beauty in its own right. In fact, calling it little is quite ironic since the island is quite big. Situated right off the Aegean Sea, this island is full of alluring medieval hill villages as well as picturesque landscapes and scenery. The island is home to some beautiful and historic monuments and a beautiful untouched shoreline.


The waterfalls and wild natural beauty coupled with enthralling history and tradition make Samothrace a fascinating place to visit. The huge mountains of Fengari and Mount Saos as well as the hidden natural beauty give the town magnificent scenery. This in conjunction with the energy of the island all make it an excellent place to visit, and definitely to live as well. The traditions and rituals performed by the locals are too astonishing to be explained; you just have to see them in person.


One of the most popular islands in Greece is also one of the cheapest places to buy property. It is extremely beautiful and it stands out because of the lush green nature that surrounds the entire area, as well as the small fishing villages that occupy most of the land. The stunning beaches such as Tsabou, Tsamadou, Agios Konstantinos, and Psili Ammos, attract loads of people every year. And if you manage to drag yourself away from the beautiful beaches, then there are several archeological spots you can visit.


Sometimes feeling more like a metropolis and less like an island, Salamina has all the facilities you’d expect to see in your busy cosmopolitan cities. The networks for transportation, the numerous shops and places of entertainment, as well as a host of restaurants make this place a fun-filled island. The island has some nice forests which are great for long walks or cycles, as well as some great beaches for relaxation.


Lesvos is a beautiful island that is situated in the eastern region of the Aegean sea. It is one of the biggest islands in Greece, and it is a renowned destination for holidays and relaxation. It is close to a couple of other islands, so it is a great starting point for some island hopping. There are several quaint villages on the island, creating a charming feeling as you drive through the area. There are monuments aplenty as well as some picturesque beaches.


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