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Can Chickens Eat Celery – What Do You Think?

Can Chickens Eat Celery – What Do You Think?

We eat celery, and it is healthy for us and so it is for our pets hub chickens.

I think we know that it is low in calories.

Did you know that it is also high in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and other goodies as well?

Well, it is.

So if you go and start buying more celery for yourself now, do not forget your feathered friends.


The ones with the beaks that look at you to see what you have got whenever you enter your back garden.

Did you know that celery actually has around 12 kinds of antioxidants, is also rich in vitamins, A, B, C, and K?


It is also a great source of calcium to top it off!

I knew just because the celery plant was not packed with a lot of flavours it still packed a punch when it came to goodness for us.

And so it is with our chickens as well.

Apparently, this plant is grown in the swamp as a vegetable in ancient times.

Interesting fact…

Had to put that one in.


There are people out there who would be interested in this bit of information.

Such as myself.

How to Feed Chickens Celery

Now we know that celery is good for chickens, how do we give it to them…

We all know that celery is stringy.

We know this well…

Because it does get caught in our teeth right.

But we know that our chickens do not have teeth.

They are the beaky ones…


No celery strings getting caught here.

But celery strings can be a problem for your chickens because they have no teeth to grind up these stringy bits.

Can chickens eat celery with those long strands in it, they really just get in the way?

Am I going to suggest that you pull them all out of the celery before you feed it to your chickens?


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