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Mastering Defense: How to Teching Guard Breaks in For Honor

Mastering Defense: How to Teching Guard Breaks in For Honor

Understanding Guard Breaks in For Honor

What is a Guard Break?

In For Honor, a guard break is a move used by players to break through their opponent’s guard and initiate a throw or other follow-up attacks. is the defensive response to counter an opponent’s attempt to break through your defenses and disrupt your combat flow.

Guard Break Vulnerability

Characters in For Honor are vulnerable to guard breaks during certain frames of animation. Teching guard breaks involves executing a specific input during this vulnerable window to break free from the opponent’s guard break attempt.

Executing a Successful Tech

Timing and Precision

The core of teching guard breaks lies in precise timing. As your character is grabbed in a guard break attempt, input the guard break button (typically the same button used by your opponent) at the right moment. The timing window is brief, requiring practice to develop muscle memory for consistent success.

Guard Break Button

In For Honor, the guard break input varies based on the platform:

  • PlayStation: Press the Square button.
  • Xbox: Press the X button.
  • PC: Press the middle mouse button.

Practical Tips for Teching Guard Breaks

Anticipate Opponent Patterns

Pay close attention to your opponent’s guard break patterns. Some players may favor guard breaks after certain attacks, during specific situations, or as a response to defensive habits. Anticipating these patterns allows you to be proactive in executing techs.

Mix-Up Defensive Options

To keep opponents guessing, mix up your defensive options. Combine teching guard breaks with other defensive maneuvers like blocking, dodging, and parrying. Creating unpredictability in your defensive game increases the likelihood of successfully teching guard breaks.

Environmental Awareness

For Honor’s maps often feature environmental hazards that can be used strategically. Be aware of your surroundings, and use environmental features to your advantage. Position yourself to minimize the risk of being guard broken near ledges or other hazards.

Advanced Techniques: Option Selects and Feint Punishes

Option Selects

Option selects involve inputting commands that cover multiple outcomes based on the opponent’s actions. In the context of teching guard breaks, option selects can provide a layer of complexity to your defense, allowing you to respond effectively to different situations.

Feint Punishes

Certain characters in For Honor have moves that can punish opponents attempting to feint into guard breaks. Explore your character’s move set to identify any feint-punishing options. Successfully punishing a feint can discourage opponents from relying heavily on guard breaks.

Practice, Patience, and Match Awareness

Consistent Practice Sessions

Devote regular practice sessions specifically focused on teching guard breaks. Set the AI opponent to perform various guard break scenarios, and practice teching against different characters. Consistent practice enhances your reflexes and timing.

Patience in Learning

Teching guard breaks proficiently takes time and patience. Each character’s guard break animations may vary, and opponents may mix up their guard break timings. Be patient with yourself, and gradually refine your teching skills through consistent practice.

Match Awareness

Maintain awareness of your opponent’s playstyle and tendencies. Recognize when opponents favor guard breaks and adjust your defensive strategy accordingly. Heightened match awareness enhances your ability to tech guard breaks effectively in the midst of intense combat.


Teching guard breaks in For Honor is a vital defensive skill that can turn the tide of a battle. By understanding guard break mechanics, practicing precise timing, incorporating advanced techniques like option selects and feint punishes, and maintaining match awareness, players can break free from opponents’ guard break attempts and maintain control in the chaos of battle.


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