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How To Build A Bearded Dragon Enclosure

How To Build A Bearded Dragon Enclosure

Bearded Dragon pet owners have a distinctive dilemma that dog and cat owners don’t have – they have to have a special enclosure for their pet. Some beardie owners wish to buy a readymade enclosure while others want to construct a bearded dragon enclosure themselves. The option is up to you.

Regardless of regardless of whether you purchase or build your bearded dragon enclosure, you’re going to want to know about four things: cages, enclosures, linings and substrates. Some beardie owners put their pet dragon in a cage although others enclose them in an aquarium type setting.

You can save cash on equipment for your bearded dragon enclosure if you shop on-line, where retailers have more competition. But initial you need to know how large the enclosure should be. Specialists say to measure the length of your animal.

When you buy (or build) your personal bearded dragon enclosure, you would like to make sure it has particular elements. First of all, your pet will probably be going somewhere new, so you want to make sure they have a secure and secure house environment. You’ll need to know where the very best place is to put your bearded dragon enclosure once you create or buy it – put it in the wrong spot in your home and you could put your beardie’s health at risk.

Your bearded dragon’s house will need plenty of heat – remember it’s utilized to the desert! You are able to buy heating equipment for the environment or use other sources. Is it feasible to make it too hot? Yes – you need to be careful. You are able to get a thermometer to measure the heat. Fluorescent light isn’t a good alternative. You have to know the correct type of heating and lighting conditions for your bearded dragon enclosure.

You’re going to need to make certain your outdoor beaded dragon enclosure has some of the exact same crucial elements that an indoor terrarium would. The only distinction is, it has to maintain him very secure – from predators and weather conditions. A beardie who is used to the desert would not thrive in a cold outdoor climate.

You are able to construct a fenced or caged in enclosure and put substrate down on the bottom of it. Some substrate could be toxic, so make certain you only purchase those that will not harm your new friend. If you don’t want to build a cage on your own then there are a lot of good option available if you want to buy a readymade one. This post on best bearded dragon terrarium will help you choose the right product for your bearded dragon.

When it comes to decorating your outdoor bearded dragon enclosure, you’ll wish to emulate the dry desert. These lizards love to have rocks to sunbathe on. You will find some decorations that can harm or assist your bearded dragon, so know what to use ahead of time instead of just trying to make it look fairly.

The Size

The size is a key thing you need to think about prior to you purchase a beardie. Do you’ve enough room for a fully grown dragon? The average adult bearded dragon can grow up to about 18 inches lengthy, nevertheless German Giants can grow up to 24 inches. My beardie Eddie is already 22 inches lengthy and is still growing. He is a fire and ice x German Giant.

If you buy a full set up in a shop with a baby Beardie you will find that you’ll have to replace the set up within approx 4 months as the shop will generally offer a set up for the Beardie as a baby. It’s important for a baby Beardie to have a small enclosure so that he/she can catch live food such as crickets. A temporary solution for baby bearded dragons is a Rubbermaid tote. They are cheap, effortlessly cleaned but work well for young bearded dragons

For an adult on his/her own 4 ft x 2ft x 2ft appears to be the recommended size. Nevertheless I still feel this is too little and recommend going a little larger to guarantee comfort. 2 – 3ft in height nevertheless, is as large as you need for safety as beardies aren’t the smartest of animals and will launch themselves off anything given the chance. 2 ft drop will not do a great deal of damage to a bearded dragon but anything higher might be dangerous if s/he is as clumsy as mine. If you want a larger enclosure we recommend Zen Habitat reptile enclosure.


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