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How to Become a Better Rider?

How to Become a Better Rider?

Horseback riding is a rewarding and challenging sport. Whether you are a new or experienced rider, there are always new ways to improve your skills and try new disciplines. Becoming a better rider takes a lot of time, patience and practice, but the end results can be well worth the hard work. Here are three tips that can help you improve your riding skills.

Hire the Right Trainer

You may not think you need a riding instructor if you have been riding horses for many years, but having a trainer is helpful in many situations. You may not need formal lessons, but a trainer can help you spot mistakes you aren’t aware you are making. A good riding instructor can also help you master multiple disciplines and ensure you find equestrian gear that fits correctly.

Try New Disciplines

There are many types of horseback riding and various disciplines develop different skills. You may have mastered one type of riding, but if those skills are the only ones you work on, you won’t be a good all-around rider. It can be scary to try a new event, but it is a great way to improve as a rider. For example, endurance riding and jumping are two popular events that require very different skill sets. You may be great at traveling long distances on uneven terrain but unable to keep your seat when¬†jumping. If you want to be a better all-around rider, it is important to try different events to get out of your comfort zone and learn new skills.

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Ride Different Horses

Horses have different personalities just like people. You may not mesh well with certain horses, and you may find mounts you are completely comfortable on. It’s a good idea to have a calm, steady horse to learn on, but as your skills grow, you may need to try more spirited mounts. Riding a variety of horses allows your skills to grow as you learn how to handle different mounts.

It is neve to late to start improving as a horseback rider. Whether you are a complete newbie, returning to the sport after many years or an experienced horseperson, there  is always room for improvement. Use these three tips to challenge yourself as a rider and learn new skills that will allow you to handle any horse confidently. By working hard to improve your skills, you can become a great all-around rider.


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