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Dogs And Cats At Home

Dogs And Cats At Home

Keeping cats and dogs both at one place quite be an intimidating experience at first, no? Yes! We all know the myth that cats and dogs both can never go along together because well, they are not from the same clan, right?

Although, there are many myths which keep circulating, there are some ground realities out there as well. Cats and dogs can actually live together in harmony without fighting or even eating one another up. Now, how’s that possible is the actual question here.

If you have both cats and dogs at home and you are confused or even afraid on how to make them live together then we are going to share some of the tips and tricks.

1- Firstly, Keep Your Cat and Dog Separated

First things first, never allow your cat and dog to be in the same room when they meet for the first time. Make sure that you have a separate safe space for both.

Have a safe sanctuary dog proof cat feeding station for your cat where it can litter or eat and keep some of the high places in your home free where your cat can climb or jump to in case if your dog tries to attack on it.

Keep them separated until they are comfortable enough in one another’s presence.

2- Feed Both Your Cat and Dog in Different Rooms

When it’s time to feed them, don’t give them the food in the same place. Instead, feed them separately. Initially, keep them away from one another as much as possible and don’t allow them to give

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3- Arrange a Face-to-Face Meet-up

Once both your pets have accepted one another’s presence and have become familiar with one another, now is the time to let them meet together in one room. Make sure that you don’t let them meet in their sanctuary area. Instead, choose a separate room.

Also, make sure that you have the leash or rope of your dog in your hand so that if your dog decides to get aggressive then you can handle it in time.

If any of your pet doesn’t get along together in their first meet up then try to take them away and put them in their sanctuary.

4- Arrange Sessions of Meet-up on Daily Basis

Arrange the sessions of these meet-ups of both your cat and dog on daily basis until both of them accept the presence of one another and become friendly enough to stay together.

5- Let them Play Together

Now, if you think that both your pets are getting along really well then allow them to play together. However, make sure that you don’t allow them to get too close whilst playing so that none of them hurt each other. Ensure the safety of your both pets before you let them go on loose.

6- Supervise them

Whilst you allow them to play together, make sure that you are supervising them as well. In case if you are not available to supervise then don’t let them loose. And keep both of them in their respective areas.


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