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Avoiding Accidents At The Workplace With Safety Tags

Avoiding Accidents At The Workplace With Safety Tags

Some Alarming Workplace Facts

Did you know that everyday more than 12 U.S. workers on an average lose their lives through workplace accidents? Yet another 10,000 are hurt so badly, they end up losing sizeable work time or are placed on restricted duty? Startling? These are the facts as reported by OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Typical Accidents Encountered at Workplaces

People have fallen from elevations, got caught in Home Work Records, body parts have been crushed in machinery, men have been electrocuted by defective electrical equipment, and trenches and walls have caved in on workmen…this list is by no means complete and only illustrative of the hazards many workers are exposed to.

What can be done to Reduce the Accident Rate?

Reducing workplace related accidents is a fight that needs to be fought on many levels, a few measures that should be taken are:

Imparting Safety Information and Training

Basic safety training is inadequate or non-existent in many workplaces. Safety gear is not worn and safety procedures are not followed. Simple safety training courses could take care of this shortcoming.

Not ignoring Inspection Routines

Before an employee uses a potentially risky piece of equipment or machinery, it must be inspected rigorously and regularly. If defective, a safety tag should be put up as a warning flag and employees should be informed. Training in inspection procedures must also be imparted.


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