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Tips for Getting a Horse Camp up and Running

Tips for Getting a Horse Camp up and Running

If you own a stable full of horses you may consider ways to share them with the greater community. If have a collection of animals with the right temperament, perhaps you have considered putting your horse force to work at the center of your own summer horse camp; after all, that there is an innate connection between horse and human that increases the odds you will have a ready client base. If such an opportunity presents itself, you do need to prepare carefully for that success. Here are some guidelines you can canter through on your way to running an exemplary horse camp.

Prepare for Liability

No matter how well you prepare, you could face significant financial losses, including that of your property if you do not shore up your liability protection. The first step in your action plan should be to check out a combined liability and property horse insurance cost. This outlay will ensure you are protected following a potential mishap.

Choose Your Audience

Next, explore your preferred customer base. Determine the population to whom you want to promote your business. In other words, ask yourself what age group you feel comfortable engaging. Also, consider whether you may want to offer select camp days — for example to special needs clients. You can cast a wide-ranging net down the trail, but you may want to start out with a narrow focus until you have gained experience. You should base your decision in part on the temperament of your horses.

Hire Your Crew

Once your camp moves into a high-speed cadence, you will recognize how invaluable your staff is to its success and your own mental health. If you want the best, interview and hire early; otherwise suitable employees will be snapped up before you can fill your quota. Ideally, you will bring in a diverse group. A culturally and ethnically varied mix will ensure that you reach a wide population of clients. Also, vary the age and experience level of your counselors and instructors, bringing both knowledge and youthful enthusiasm to the stables.


Finally, create schedules that are both packed and flexible. Include activities in addition to horseback riding, especially for your younger customers. Also, form alternative plans for unforeseen circumstances such as extreme weather events. Be sure to address both the needs of humans and animals. A content horse will provide a better riding experience.

If you fill your preparation saddlebags appropriately, you can ensure your horse camp will be ready for a long run. You will hit the trail confident that your guests’ experience rides they will want to frame in their memories.

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