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The Proper Way Of Using Treats While Training Your Dog

The Proper Way Of Using Treats While Training Your Dog

Food is one of the basic needs of any living creature. In the case of dogs, it can be used for inculcating good behaviour. Dogs find it difficult to understand our verbal or visual cues. But food is an effective motivator to achieve the desired behaviour. Sheffield dog trainers will guide you about using treats for training. Dog training Sheffield covers all aspects of a dog’s behaviour.

Points To Keep In Mind While Using Treats To Train Your Dog

Find Your Dog’s Favourite Food

Before using treats as a reward for good behaviour, it is important to find your dog’s culinary preferences. Pay attention to the food your dog enjoys and keep it handy while training them. The dog won’t respond to a food item he doesn’t like. If you can’t determine your dog’s favourite food, take the help of a Sheffield dog trainer.

Use Small Portions

Initially, you will have to use more treats to train your dog. You don’t want your dog struggling with obesity issues. Using small portions will also make it easier to wean away the dog from the treats.

Reward Every Effort Made By Your Dog

In the primary stages of training, you will have to use treats for every small attempt made by the dog to obey your commands.

Be Careful About The Timing

Keep in mind that when you provide a treat to the dog, you are endorsing the behaviour prior to the treat. Never make the mistake of giving a treat to a hyperactive dog. Reward only when the dog has performed a task according to your expectations. It’s better to discuss your concerns with a dog trainer in Sheffield.

Don’t Turn The Reward Into A Bribe

Don’t create a situation where the dog will obey a command only if he sees the treat. Don’t show the treat beforehand. Let him successfully complete the task and then show him the treat.

Weaning From Treats

As said earlier, giving treats cannot be a lifelong habit. You will have to teach the dog to appreciate your verbal encouragement. Slowly take steps to substitute treats with word of encouragement or loving pats. If you have difficulty in weaning your dog, then don’t hesitate to approach dog trainers in Sheffield.

From the points mentioned above, you can conclude that using treats to train a dog can be tricky. You can use the services of dog trainers in Sheffield to make the training process easier. Sheffield Dog training is suitable to all the dogs irrespective of their age or breed.

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